Monday, September 22, 2008

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The American Revolution represented the expulsion of religion from government.

So, those who had forever held power on the basis of divine right needed a new religion that would avoid the new rules.

The answer: Socialism. The priests of social engineering.

Their proposition: We will give you Heaven on Earth. You need need only give us control of your government.

Our only defense to this attack was reason.

So they perpetrated the lie that social engineering is something that can be accomplished by the ignorant through the whims of the heart. Reason is not relevant in matters of social engineering, they said. They told you that your opinion is what really matters, your innate spiritual sense of right and wrong, and you believed it. They told you that those greatest of economic minds, Hayek, Von Meise, Friedman, Smith, were false prophets. Their mathematics were false. Their empirical data corrupted. The engineers were the priests, and the priests the engineers.

They told you to just do what feels good. Just believe. They said: "Know that if we are your rulers, you are righteous, moral, true, good. But if we are not your rulers, you prove yourself greedy, base, inhuman."

So I ask you, if you have persuasive counterarguments against the great libertarian economists (most are Nobel laureates), why have you not yet received prizes and accolades recognizing your transcendent insights?

If you have discovered the secret of centrally planned social engineering that will not lead to civilizational collapse, as the true economists all predict (their predications are coming to pass as I write), publish it. You'll be the most famous economist in human history.

The answer is that you are the worst kind of fools. You are the modern day armies of inquisition. You have brought our society to the edge of the abyss by your determination to impose your religion on society by force. You are no different than all the tyrants, and their ignorant minions, before you.

Obama is the Great Prophet of the Socialists, though he cannot call himself this. The great Priest of Social Engineering. His blank-eyed minions, entranced baying mobs, worship every word he utters.

We are doomed.

(By the way, McCain is merely a lesser priest of the same sect. Ron Paul was our last hope, and, though unable to defeat his arguments, you rejected him and the great economists whose views he advanced, as would an Evangelical an atheist).

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