Sunday, January 20, 2008

Sacramento Bee Response

One Kevin Yamamura wrote this article in the Sacramento Bee about Ron Paul. I sent him this email response:

Why do you insist on misrepresenting Paul's positions?
He does not advocate a "return to the gold standard." I doubt you have any understanding whatsoever of monetary policy, so to even address this subject is irresponsible. However, I'm sure you know that saying somebody advocates "a return to the gold standard" makes them sound crazy, like saying he believes in UFOs (same with calling them an "isolationist", see below).
At any rate, Paul advocates legalizing transactions in instruments other than federal reserve notes. Such transactions are currently illegal. If I want to pay you for your services in gold or stock or bonds, we both go to prison (unless we comply with IRS regulations and pay lots of taxes on the transaction). The reason he advocates this is because printing money causes asset bubbles and inflation.
"Isolationist beliefs?" Why not just call him a "child molester"? It would be just as accurate.
And why do we get so angry? Because we are trying to save our country from becoming a third-world slum. This isn't "feel good" politics. We are running out of time. The regulatory/socialist state has run up at least $60 Trillion in debt and unfunded liabilities, at the Federal level alone. That is more than $500,000 for an average American family. That is a CURRENT LIABILITY. That's not: we need to pay $500,000 over the next 50 years. That's: each family would need to come up with $500,000 NOW and put it in an interest bearing account to have enough to pay the debt and unfunded liabilities that are about to start coming due. If that sounds unlikely to you, I'd ask you to do some research. Try googling statements by the Comptroller of the Currency of the United States.
Ever ask yourself why your readers are generally totally oblivious to this most important of facts?
The only, ONLY solution is to stop this disasterous experiment NOW, and return to a free society. That's not my opinion, that the opinion of lots of Nobel Lauriets.
I have a three year old kid who is going to be inheriting a society in collapse, and I'm not happy about it.
Do you know what happened after the Collapse of the Roman Empire? Look into it. Hint: Try wikipedia on "Dark Ages."
If you don't want to help us, at least don't misrepresent our positions, please.

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